Lemon Law Testimonials

Note: These are a samples of actual letters received on behalf of satisfied Firm clients. We have been given permission to use their full names and locations to prove their authenticity. Due to confidentiality in settlement agreements, the company’s names have been removed.  It should be remembered that every individual case presents different factual circumstances and therefore past cases are not a guarantee of future results. Kahn & Associates, L.L.C cannot guarantee any particular outcome by using our Firm.

Thank you for your assistance. Your letter came almost within the day I had enough of the problem. Right time right place. Nice job. Thank you.Winnie, Todd F. – Commerce Twp., Michigan 4/2/13
My biggest fear was the thought of dealing with any lawyer. But I found out that it was the best thing I could have done! I made at least 10 trips to the dealer in an attempt to fix the transmission. Your service made a 100% improvement. I had no disappointments with any of your staff. Your service was professional and vary polite and solved my problems completely. Will recommend your firm to everyone and will not hesitate to use you again! People should realize how good you are!! Walriven, Tim – Ohio 7/11/17
I did not get anywhere with Ford on this matter, until your involvement, you got results, where I could not. I am 100% satisfied. I will recommend you to any one with a similar problem. You did this at no cost to me. Walker, Scott C. – Parma, Ohio 8/19/16
We had no fears – the reviews we read about your firm made us feel confident in your business/services. We fought with Ford for 2 years but they insisted there was nothing wrong with our car, then we basically got satisfaction with the help of your firm. Everyone was very attentive and we always received quick responses via email. No disappointments. We didn’t have to do anything you took care of it all once we got you the necessary paperwork. it was basically hassle free. Most importantly you committed to helping us and followed through in a timely, positive manner. Victoria was great to work with! Unsworth, Natalie – North Canton, Ohio 7/7/16
Polite. Quiet and to the point, explained everything in terms it could understand. Honestly easy to deal with.Thornbury, Jimmie – Richmond, Indiana 2/17/14
Your Secretaries (I can’t recall names) were polite, patient and very responsive. Thank you so much! I merely appreciated your help.Thompson, Delois – Park, Michigan 8/3/13
The service and staff were easy to work with. If we have any other problems, we will use your service again.Shuerger, John - Avon, Ohio 02/06/16
My biggest fear was that you may be scam, but several phone conversations with various staff & internet info created a comfort level. I own a jeep Chevrolet that spent most of my time in repair shop – dealer. The settlement enables me to get a new vehicle that will hopefully be more dependable. Everyone was very friendly, efficient & helpful. I appreciated your prompt answers & returned calls & emails. I would recommend you to friends, families and co-workers. People should know about your expertise with lemon laws & defective vehicle issues.Seeburger, Diane - Sylvania, Ohio 03/23/16
I feared that I would owe $ if I didn’t win. My 2011 Focus had brake problems from day 1 when new. But not believed by dealer! The $ helped a lot! I used it to get another car after they fixed it… Your people responded quickly & courteously when I called. Everyone was very helpful and made thing easy for me. Everyone acted as if they actually cared! I would recommend you to others.Robinson, Kim – Kent, Ohio 1/17/14
My biggest fear was not knowing what was going to happen. Then not knowing what the process would be like and that I could not stop the process once I started it. I was pleasantly surprised about how quick, smooth and painless the process. I also did not realize the entire process could take place via email and mail. I liked that each time I had a question each staff was quick to respond promptly and accurately to my questions. Yes, I would recommend Kahn & Assoc. Then get the job done.! I like that Steve keep me informed throughout the claim process.Ramirez, Eleonor M. – North Olmsted, Ohio 9/3/16
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